“Love is the most powerful healing
force in the universe.”

– Lester Levenson

Where can you love deeper today? I’m honored to invite you to Heart Love Healing. My name is Paula, as a spiritual healer, intuitive, and divine channel creating a space for you to connect with your higher heart and the deepest healing available, within you, I am honored to share my healing gifts. I’ve received training in Usui Reiki,  ThetaHealing, and Integrated Energy Therapy. I’ve trained many years with spiritual teachers sharing deep contributions to the loving guidance of my 20 years of experience in energy work in service to hundreds of clients worldwide!


Hi! I’m Paula, Welcome to  ‘Heart Love Healing.’



My journey as a healer began as a young girl. My abilities emerged after several spiritual phenomena and as early as age three I was being guided by experiences that became the foundation of my healing practice.

Why May I Need A Healing?

Are you experiencing emotional imbalances, negative thoughts, depression, anxiety, stress, anger, deep wounds from the past, trauma/ptsd, drained energy, insomnia? Are you suffering from or surrendering to a heartbreak or loss in your life? If your body’s life force feels out of balance or compromised or maybe you just want to clear your energy and raise your vibration to feel your self again, then this may be a perfect opportunity to receive a healing.

What is Heart Love Healing?

Heart Love Healing is an intuitive healing that safely illuminates emotional blocks, limiting beliefs, energetic disturbances, and any energetic concerns you have returning you to your vital self. The sensitivity of your personal needs is approached with great care.


I offer a free 10 minute consultation so that we can ‘lay the foundation’ for the healing.
All healing sessions are done over the phone, or via Skype.
Spiritual energy healing is never restricted by distance.

I look forward to working with you!